St Luke's Church of England

Primary School

'Go shine in the world and live as Jesus lived.'

Our staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Executive Headteacher

Mr Webb   


Head of School 

Mr Evans

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Principal Executive Leader

Mrs Jackson



Ms Bhoday


Class Teacher

Ms Erdelyi

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Class Teacher

Ms Noble


Class Teacher

Mr Quiney


Class Teacher

Mr Goldie-Scot


Class Teacher

Ms Hind


Class Teacher

Ms Ahmad


Class Teacher

Ms Marsham


Support Staff

Ms Crosdale

Mrs Nadir

Ms Thompson

Ms Sanchez

Ms Nessa

Ms Trojan 

Ms Mak


Spanish Teacher

Ms Gonzalez-Penalver


Music Teacher

Mr Bolaji


PE Coach

Mr Drissi


Business Manager  

Mr Swan


Office Manager 

Ms Ahmed


Admin Assistant  

Ms Orrell


Site Services Officer

Mr Vieira