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Data protection

We take our data protection responsibilities seriously.


1. We have completed a GDPR Compliance Audit.
2. We have a Data Protection Policy.
3. We have privacy notices in place for pupils and the workforce.
4. We have disclosure request forms in place.
5. We have appointed a DPO (data protection officer) from the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS).
6. The Head of School has been appointed as the Data Controller representative for our organisation.
7. We have completed a compliance review of the schools’ contractors (e.g. Google Classroom)


You will find the following in the “Policies” section of this website:

1. Data Protection Policy
2. Privacy Notices for Pupils and parents/carers
3. Privacy Notices for School Workforce
4. Disclosure Request form - Crime and Taxation
5. Disclosure Request form - required by law, Court order or necessary for legal proceedings
6. Data Subject Request