St Luke's Church of England

Primary School

'Go shine in the world.'

Learning how to keep safe

  • At St Luke's, we prepare pupils to keep themselves safe by educating them to understand risks and make good choices.  Our Personal, Social, Health and Citizenchip Education curriculum includes a weekly taught lesson for each class; visits and visitors on a range of topics; specific circle times in response to issues; assemblies; our interactions with pupils every day.
  • Pupils at St Luke's have recently had visits from the Community Police, Fire Brigade, Transport Officers, NSPCC and Road Safety officers.
  • We have worked with charities to provide workshops on knife crime, hate crime, anti-radicalisation and resilience.
  • Our curriculum supports pupils to make choices to live safe and healthy lives; stay safe; develop resilience and self-confidence; respect each other; make a positive contribution.
  • Pupils learn about online safety, personal safety, road safety, fire safety, first aid and how to make good choices regarding gangs, violence and knives.