Team R’s favourite book

Team R have been talking about their favourite books. We all nominated a favourite book and then had some head-to-head votes to find out what the overall favourite was. Our class favourite is The Gruffalo!


Why are books and reading so amazing?

Daion says “It helps you learn stuff.”

Safiyah says ” I like to read tricky things.”

Jamie says “It’s good reading ‘cos it make me good.”

Amira says “I like books because they help me to read.”

Ana Clara says “I like reading some new books.”

Marya says “I like books because they make me calm.”

Chayce says “books are good because they have pop-ups in them.”

Alexia says she likes books “because I like to see what else is happening in the world.”

Zayd says “I like reading because it teaches me new stuff!”

Gabriel says “I like the book because I love the book.”