Team 5 Test Air Resistance

This term team 5 have been learning about forces and how important they are to us and society.  This week we have looked at the force of air resistance and how important it is to parachutes and ensure the safe landing of people when jumping out of a plane. Whilst we did not have a plane to jump out of Team five used their learning muscles- Stay resilient, think hard,  Learn from our mistakes, Unit, keep improving, learn from our mistakes and show curiosity, to make three different parachutes. They were given a specific brief where they has to change one variable (independent variable)  and then measure how long it took to drop to the floor (dependent variable). We made some great parachutes and then tested how long they took to drop to the floor. We dropped them from the classroom windows (sssh don’t tell Mrs Dunn or Mr Morgan) well done to the winning parachute!! See our blog for the video.