Team 4’s Trip to St Paul’s

Today Team 4 ventured into central London to visit St Paul’s Cathedral. The aim of our trip was to visit a Christian place of worship and what better place than the Head Church of the Church of England. The class was split into two and we took tours with our expert guides around the church. The students were able to lie down on the floor of the church to admire the amazing tiled ceilings and see where the Queen sits during church services. They also had a chance to try on the Bishop’s uniforms as well as light a candle for our school.

These are some facts Team 4 learnt about St Paul’s Cathedral:

  • The Church is on to its fifth rebuild, the latest of which was designed by Christopher Wren.
  • The central dome weighs 66, 0000 tonnes.
  • It took 16 years to finish making the mosaic roof.
  • The very front dome of the church was bombed during the war.
  • The current Bishop of the church is a women; the first time a women has been appointed to this role in London.
  • St Paul’s Cathedral is owned by the people of London.

Here areĀ  some photos of the day: