School Council Elections 2017 – 18

Pupil voice is a very important part of our ethos at St. Luke’s.  In October, we held a democratic election to vote for our School Councillors for the 2017 – 18 academic year.

Before taking on the responsibility of representing their teams on the School Council, we asked every pupil to consider the following:

1.    What makes a good school council;

2.    What makes a good school councillor;

3.    Why she/he should stand;

4.    Why she/he does not have to vote for his/her friends.

Our aim is that all of our pupils realise that they could be on the school council if they are prepared to take on the responsibility, and that a good school council has a cross-section of pupils, chosen democratically by their peers.

After finding out about the role of School Councillor, those interested in standing for election were asked to write their own manifesto, explaining to the class voters why they would be a good school councillor.  The children were asked to think about the following:

·        What would a good school councillor be like? What skills and abilities would they have?

·        What do you think would make the school better? What could you do that people would really like?

After a hard fought election, the following children were selected to represent their teams on the School Council:

Team 1:  DJ and Talia-Rae

Team 2: Kelly and Romario

Team 3: Noah and Sienna

Team 4: Bilal and Gurra

Team 5: Nick and Mai

Team 6: Keiyanti  and Kalanie

Congratulations to our new School Councillors and to all of the children who took part in the School Council elections.