Playground PALS

This term, our lunchtime supervisors have had the additional support of a small group of children from Team 6, our PALS (Playground Activity Leaders).  They have done a fantastic job in all weathers.

The main role of our Playground Pals is to organise games in the playground and to ensure the playground is a safer, more enjoyable space for our younger children. Playground Pals take on a leadership role at playtimes, and are identifiable by the yellow caps they wear.

Responsibilities of the Playground Activity Leaders (PALS) include the following:

·        Organising games

·        Looking after younger children

·        Befriending lonely children and helping them make friends

·        Taking out and putting away playground equipment

PALS have received training from Mr Evans and Mr Mitchell whilst Miss Beverley provides supervision and ongoing support.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing Playground PALS for giving up their lunchtimes to look after our younger children: D’Jordelle, Fares, Mohamed I, Olivia, Rhianna, Anisa, Mohamed A, Kiyarni, Ahmed, Makayah, Albijona, Lilian, Jevon, Kalanie, Jadie, Keiyanti, Alexi, Tia and Apronia.