Money, money, money!

Team R have been learning important life lessons about money this week by playing shops.

Miss B set up a Lego shop with different bricks having different prices; tiny sparkly bricks were very expensive! All the children were given three £10 notes, and we talked about how we could swap one £10 for ten £1 coins. Everyone had to carefully count out the money to pay for different bricks, and some of us could use our number bonds to work out how much change we needed from £10. Some children made wallets and purses in the workshop to keep their cash safe!

Everyone had the same amount of money but we all made different things based on our shopping choices; some people learned the hard way that when all their money is spent they can’t magically get any more! Miss Sturge gave children extra money if they read a tricky book to her – the builder of one of these models read FOUR books so they could build an even taller tower! Can you tell which model was made when two friends decided to work together?

I am proud to say that when people found lost money they all handed it in and nobody kept it for themselves 🙂