Forest School day 2

PicMonkey Collage

Team Reception went to Paddington Rec for our second day of Forest School fun!

We remembered all the important safety information from our last visit, so we could identify stinging nettles and thorns and poisonous berries. We collected lots of logs and sticks to make a big nest (lots of maths and team work was needed to move the biggest logs), found “worms” for the birds, and made our own clay chicks. The weather was great so we could eat our lunch outside (after washing hands very well!) and a squirrel came and ate our crumbs. There were lots of tadpoles in the pond and we also saw a newt. We had lots of time to run around and explore the woods and we even had a campfire before we went back to school.

Here are some pictures of our two visits. Can you tell which photos were taken in winter and which were taken today?
before and after