Black History Month: Visit from Chelsea FC

We were really lucky to have a special assembly with Sam from Chelsea FC today! He spoke to us about some famous black people from history and told us about some of the players at Chelsea (both men’s and women’s teams). Sam asked “What makes you different from the person sitting next to you?” and we thought about our identities.

Chelsea FC challenge you to write your own poem about your identity for their first ever poetry competition!

  • Poems can be no more than 20 lines or 150 words on the theme of identity
  • Poems can be of any structure and do not have to rhyme
  • Make your poem stand out!
  • Be unique!
  • Show your identity!

Entries will be judged at the stadium on 30th October 2018 when some children will be invited to present their poems to a panel of judges. The winner of the competition will win tickets to a Chelsea FC home match with their parent or carer!