Art Competition!

Some volunteers are coming to paint the walls in the infant playground and we need you to create a design!

You might want to think about the other playground walls (we already have school and nature designs) – what would go with these? Or maybe you might want to design something that reflects what St Luke’s is all about. The design will be    outside Team 1 and Team R’s classrooms so you might want to think about what games they play at lunchtime, or what they might be learning.

One main winner will be chosen and be combined with the best bits of other designs. The winners’ designs will be painted on the wall and be permanently on display for everyone to see!

art competition

How to enter:

  • Take a piece of paper and fold it into thirds.
  • Draw your design in one section of the paper. Write a sentence or two to explain your design.
  • You can label it and draw important details on the rest of the page.
  • Make sure you have your name and team written clearly on the back of the paper!

Hand your designs to your class teacher or Miss Backhouse by Friday 15th March.