At St. Luke’s we endeavour to create a love for literacy. We want every child to leave St. Luke’s with the skills of an excellent writer. We aim to create and inspire writers who:

• Have the ability to write with fluency and have an author’s voice.

• Think about the impact they want their writing to have on the reader and know how they will achieve this.

• Have a sophisticated bank of vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description.

• Can structure and organise their writing to suit the genre they are writing in, which includes a variety of sentence structures.

• Display excellent transcription skills that ensure their writing is well presented, punctuated, spelled correctly and neat.

• Re-read, edit and improve their writing so every piece of writing they produce is the best of their ability and better than the last.

We develop these skills by exposing our children to a range of genres throughout their time at St. Luke’s. It is important to note that we not only develop a love of writing in literacy sessions, but in all subjects across the curriculum and we expect the highest standards of writing every time a child writes in any subject.


Some of the genres the children will experience can be seen in the lists below:




Adventure – Mystery – Science Fiction – Fantasy – Historical fiction – Contemporary fiction – Dilemma Stories – Dialogue – Myths – Legends – Fairy tales –  Fables –  Traditional tales.



Discussion texts – Explanatory texts – Instructional texts – Persuasion texts – Non-chronological reports – Recounts – Reviews.


Free verse – Visual poems – Structured poems

If you would like to find out more information about the current National Curriculum for English, you can access the full curriculum here.