At St. Lukes, we understand the importance of safeguarding, and have many initiatives to ensure that your children are safe and happy at school.

Designated leads

The Designated lead for Safeguarding is Barbara Dunn, the Headteacher. In her absence, please see Matthew Bradley, the Deputy Headteacher.

Visitors to our school

All visitors who come to our school are required to log in at the office, using our visitor log in system. This helps us to keep track of who is in the school and ensure that all visitors are briefed on our safeguarding procedures on arrival.3


Children at our school learn to safeguard themselves through the curriculum. In PSHE, for instance, they might learn how to take care of themselves if they feel threatened, and in DT they learn how to work sensibly with potentially harmful equipment. They also learn about healthy eating and E-Safety.

Support work

We understand that children cannot reach to their full potential if their mental wellbeing is not taken care of, and so the school has a Learning Mentor/Family Support Worker, Mark Powell, and an Outreach therapist, Rosan McCall, who works with children, Parents and staff to ensure their emotional need are being catered for.



Pupils can self-refer to “Our Space”, a service which allows children to work through their problems with a trained professional. This helps to ensure that problems that arise between peers on the playground or in the classroom are dealt with.


All non-teaching staff have been first-aid trained and we also have a welfare officer, Shana Hamilton who ensures that the welfare and medical needs of the children are being taken care of.

Playground pals

The children also take care of each other’s wellbeing in the school through the playground pals scheme, where some of the older children in the school support the playtimes of the younger children by finding them friends, and solving issues that arise.