Religious Education


Religious Education is a core subject at St Luke’s and is prioritised, along with Literacy, Maths, Science and Computing in our curriculum. Over each school year, 2/3 of the curriculum is focused on Christianity, and 1/3 is focused on another major world religion: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Over the course of their time at St Luke’s, learners will explore each of these religions, giving them a well-rounded religious education. We follow the London Diocese Board of Schools’ RE Curriculum – the whole-school curriculum map can be accessed here.




RE 2

We have recently moved towards a more creative approach to teaching and learning in RE. We believe it is important that all children are supported in accessing the learning, and RE is an excellent opportunity for children to learn in new and exciting ways. Our lessons incorporate drama, art, music and computing. We encourage the children to express their ideas in a broad range of mediums. The children at St Luke’s are very positive about their learning in RE. They enjoy exploring different aspects of Christianity and are highly curious about different world religions.




We have decided to increase the number of RE trips that are taken, in response to feedback from the children. During a recent RE focus group, a number of students requested more opportunities to visit different religious building. Therefore, every team will go on an RE trip at least once a year, to support and contextualise their learning. Forthcoming trips include a Key Stage 1 trip to St Paul’s Cathedral and a Lower Key Stage 2 trip to Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Neasden Hindu Temple).

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Religious Education Policy

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