Design and Technology

Design & Technology

Design and Technology is a subject that encourages children to think creatively and solve practical problems. Through a process of research, planning, making and evaluating, children apply their learning to solving a meaningful real-world task. Practical skills such as creating structures and mechanisms, choosing and using appropriate tools and materials, adding electronic components to models, and safe and healthy cooking techniques, are all linked to class topics or situations the children experience everyday; for example, while Team 4 were learning about London they used their sewing skills to create Oyster card cases. Design and Technology provides many opportunities for using skills learned in maths and literacy lessons, as children need to be able to communicate their ideas and plans effectively and be accurate when preparing materials and ingredients for their projects. Cooking and nutrition projects teach children how to prepare a range of healthy foods, as well as learning where food comes from and when it grows.

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Children from St Luke’s have been involved in the Royal Albert Hall Cirque Du Soleil project for many years, which gives the children the opportunity to work with engineers from Rolls Royce on a circus-inspired stage design. This project teaches valuable skills and the feedback from real engineers and designers allows children to challenge and develop their ideas.

If you would like to find out more information about the current National Curriculum for Design and Technology, you can access the full curriculum here.