We asked the children who attend St. Luke’s to use one word to describe life at St. Luke’s and we couldn’t agree more with what they have said!


As you can see, from what the children themselves have said, St. Luke’s is a very special place which has the children at the heart of all we do. We are a big family at St.Luke’s, where every single person has a voice. The adults know every child individually and we welcome parents and carers to be an active part of life at St. Luke’s.

We are passionate that every learner in St. Luke’s will be the best they can be and all adults have nothing but the highest of expectations. We offer an enriched curriculum, in which we want our children develop a thirst for learning that will last forever. With this passion at the heart of our curriculum, we endeavour to create learners who will leave us with the meta-cognitive skills to become life-long learners and this is promoted through our St. Luke’s learning muscles.

Learning Muscles

We take advantage of our central London location to enrich our curriculum through superb trips, be it visiting Chelsea Stadium to enrich our writing, visiting the Royal Albert Hall to work with Cirque Du Soleil and Rolls Royce engineers, performing Shakespeare or even visiting Cambridge University to learn about life at university. Each curriculum topic begins with a ‘Wow Factor’ to immerse children in their learning and the learning in that topic takes the direction of children’s interests.

We have a talented team of teachers who have the highest expectations of every child. They use highly effective teaching strategies, which have been richly informed by action research conducted in our school. Our St. Luke’s principles of effective learning can be seen below and these principles underpin the teaching and learning at St. Luke’s:

St. Luke’s Principles Effective Learning

  • Learners in St. Luke’s will become autonomous learners.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will be allowed opportunities to have choice in their learning.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will understand that challenge and learning from mistakes is an important part of learning.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will be offered opportunities of enquiry.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will develop a Growth Mind-Set.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will know how to improve, as well as the ability to explain their learning and their peer’s learning.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will unite in learning and exist in a culture where every learner has a voice and is valued.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will generate ‘What Makes Good’ and understand why each step is carried out.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will receive feedback that is clear, concise and will extend learning.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will be taught by teachers who have the highest of expectations.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will be allowed reflection time and this will be an integral part of the learning process.
  • Learners in St. Luke’s will use and understand their learning muscles to help them become the best learner they can be.

As a result of the emphasis we place on learning, our children consistently make excellent progress across the school. Our approach to learning has been recognised by an international expert and has even been published as part of a book. We often welcome visitors to our school (some from as far as Egypt!) to see the teaching and learning in our school. We are fortunate to have specialist PE and music teachers and our children all get the opportunity to learn a range of different instruments, from the steel pans to the violin.

We pride ourselves on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural care we provide and in 2012, our Section 48 inspection recognised that ‘St. Luke’s is an Outstanding Church of England School’, with Ofsted in the same year stating ‘The teaching is often inspirational in the very effective way that it promotes aspects of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’

While the above is just a snap-shot of what St. Luke’s is all about…we hope it gives you a taste of what makes St. Luke’s a truly unique school and an exciting place to be a learner.


For any further information about the school curriculum, please contact the school office