Green for Grenfell

Today Team 2 wore green clothes to school for a very special reason.

“We wore green and donated £1 for the victims of the fire in the Grenfell Tower” – Noah

“I would feel very sad if I lost my home in a fire” – Aqashah

” It damaged all of their things and now they don’t have anything anymore so we donated £1 so they can get new things” – Nyah

We enjoyed a lovely day in the sunshine and are keeping the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire in our thoughts and prayers.

Our Prayer for the Grenfell victims.

Dear God,
Please heal the victims of the Grenfell Fire,
We pray that the people who have lost everything regain
their basic needs for survival.
We hope that the people who lost their lives live in heaven with you forever.

Green for Grenfell

green for grenfell